BnB Credit Builders Review


RUN FROM THIS COMPANY! What they say will never happen, happened. Every promise they made me fell through. BNB credit Builders have completely ruined my live. I was contacted about making extra money using my credit cards by adding authorized users. | Being a single mother with two kids there is never enough money left at the end of the month. They told me, even though it sounded very fishy, this is a great way to use my credit and make extra money. At first it was OK until the problems started. I have went through hell because of this company. | Now I am having problems with all my credit cards. A few of the companies have deactivated my cards, I also had someone get ahold of my card info that I was told was impossible. Which I am disputting the $16,000 worth of charges that a attorney said that I am responsable for now. Along with no credit card companies want me as a customer anymore. It’s like I have been Black balled by the whole industry. BNB Credit services have caused me so much pain and problems I don’t know how to put it into this message. If I can not get credit cards in the future my life will be ruined, along with having more debt to dig myself out of now. My credit is now down from 718 to 500, this took me a 35 years to build. I am at my wits ends | A attorney has now recommend that I contact the attorney general office in the state of PA. I will try an get them shut down and get myself out of trouble. ANY ONE THAT HAS SIGNED UP WITH THEM STOP NOW. WHAT THEY ARE ENGAGED IN IS FRAUD. I would hate to see more people get hurt and have their lives ruined. These people are the worst of the worst. How they can sleep at night is beyound me. All I wanted was to make some money. BNB Credit Services ruined my life.


Name: BnB Credit Builders

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Erie

Address: 4002 Main St 16510

Phone: 814-898-1991


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