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Nov./Dec. 2008, I hired Boalt Masonry to repair my footing drains around 2 sides of my addition. Carter Boalt hit my foundation with the back h*e causing cracks on the west wall under the deck & hit the north wall; chipping my new siding & scratching the foundation. He yanked up & severed my well wire right after I physically showed him where this wire was. The yanking of this wire caused a horizontal crack along the joint of the block. He repaired the wire with the shrink stuff. A few months later the well tripped at the panel box; water had seeped into his so-called repair. I had to pay my well guy $165.00 to run a new well wire (I had my own wire) 2009. Boalts were supposed to come back Spring 2016 to finish back filling up to the level I initially had the soil. They never did thus leaving my footings above freeze/frost level. Water seeped into the crawl space area less than 1 week after they finished their shoddy work. Terry came by once to put my dehumidifier into the crawl space. As he was putting my dehumidifier into the crawl space, he dropped it hard on its side. The dehumidifier ran for 2 weeks before I found it was not collecting water. Terry broke my dehumidifier when he dropped it. This job cost me $8,500 (cash) but they, also, did a stairwell…which is not up to par but for right now it’s not collapsing. I called & wrote Terry several times about the water seepage; a lot of water. He never responded. I wrote to Consumer’s Affair 2010; they are useless & should be disbanded. A waste of taxpayers’ money & they appear to be on the businesses’ sides. Terry blamed his shoddy work on other people who had completed work here. Funny, how I had no problesm until he worked here. I became frustrated & gave up with my complaint; not knowing who or where else to turn. 2018 – my daughter checked out the 16′ north wall (the well wire wall). The block had slide in about 1/2″ at the area where the well wire was initially; about ten 16″ block had slide inward. May 2018 – I had an “enclosed water system” installed. The crawl space area is dry now. $5000.00 for this job. After all the damage Terry & brothers did, my foundation continues to lose its strength & integrity; lots of cracks horizontally & vertically. I have to now replace the west (19′) & north (16′) walls. Do not hire Boalt Masonry. I know 2 contractors who will not use Boalt Msasonry; Cary Hade & Don Otto.

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