Bob Lanphere’s Beaverton Honda Yamaha


I recently purchased a ’99 Yamaha V-Star Classic (XVS 650) at BOB LANPHERE’S HONDA/YAMAHA in Beaverton, Oregon. As part of my sales agreement, I was offered a 10 percent discount on accessories and clothing. After feeling good about my purchase (I’m a first-time motorcycle buyer), I decided to research other accessories on the internet for future consideration. What I found was disheartening. In BOB LANPHERE’S internet site (, I found that the DISCOUNTED prices that my accessories were sold to me were the same prices that anyone could receive if they purchased the same items over the internet. I purchased $611.88 worth of accessories and neted a $20.00 savings over internet prices. Now, I’m no math wizard, but it looks like I was shorted approximately $41.00. Another complaint. My bike did not have an owners manual and I was told that I could call Yamaha’s toll free number to get one. When I called this number, I was told that I should have received one from my salesperson. I told the lady on the phone that my salesperson informed me that used bikes don’t come with owners manuals. She assured me that I would be sent a copy. Roughly two months later, I still haven’t received one. When I went in to BOB LANPHERE’S and told my salesperson this, he said the accessory department could order me one if I wanted to BUY IT!!! That would be approximately another $30.00. You can rest assured that when it comes time for me to buy another bike or if anyone wants to know where to get a fair deal,BOB LANPHERE’S BEAVERTON HONDA/YAMAHA will be LAST on my list. PS: Through my research, I also found that a $50.00 savings bond is offered from Yamaha Motor Corp. to purchasers of motorcycles who also complete a certified rider-safety course. Now I have to go back to BOB LANPHERE’S BEAVERTON HONDA/YAMAHA to receive the form to acquire this savings bond. If you are a novice buyer, DO YOUR RESEARCH. DON”T TRUST THE SALES ESTABLISHMENT TO TREAT YOU FAIRLY AND TO NOTIFY YOU OF ALL THE PERKS THAT YOU’RE ENTITLED TO. I’m learning the hard way.

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