Bobby Parkins, Tina Parkins


Bobby Parkins, Tina Parkins Bobby Parkins, Robert Parkins, Tina M Parkins, Djojo Auto Sales, tinpark, Alejandro Merino, Exclusively Real Estate- Exclusively REO Inc, Used Car Rip off, accepted ebay offer and never followed through, dodged me when I wouldnt wire money unsafely Miami, Ft. Lauderdale Florida!!. I purchased a car on ebay through a “best offer” contractual agreement. I told the eBay seller tinpark (Bobby Parkins, Robert parkins, Tina Parkins) that I would be flying in and would purchase one way travel arrangements once we had made a deal before I sent my offer. I was told that they would pick me up at the airport (the seller wanted to ship the car to me without an inspection or correct title) I sent in my best offer, the seller accepted, and I began the checkout process through ebay, I could not complete the process because the sellers ebay account was not linked to any paypal account. The seller wanted me to wire money directly to him, which I would not do. I had already purchased a one way non refundable travel ticket. The seller started dodging me and then coming up with excuses like ( I have not been recieving your texts, since you wont send the deposit directly to me then I want to call the deal off etc) For two weeks I tried to get the seller to hold up to his end of the agreement, and then I was told that he wouldnt sell to me on “principle” since I did not just send money to him. I called Paypal and they advised me against sending this seller money because of the previous bad history and limited selling history. I also found another Ripoff Scams Ripoff I also found out that the car was not in the condition as described. It did not have the correct paperwork to sell and transfer to a buyer. Once I found out the dealer that Bobby Parkins was working under Djojo Auto Sales I gave them a call and the owner Johan had no idea that this seller was doing business the way that he was and besmirching his companies good name. I hate it for Johan that he has to deal with this because once I informed him of what was going on he bent over backwards trying to get the seller Bobby Parkins to do the right thing, however it did not work. If you have a chance to buy directly from Johan you can buy with confidence, Johan is a stand up guy. Bobby Parkins however is not, he does not follow ebays fair trade and safe trade policies and he tries to get you to send money in an unsafe manner. Stay away. I am not even sure that there was even a car for sale, I am 98% sure that this was just a scam. Broward County Sheriffs office economics crime unit already has an investigation on the seller. Stay away from Robert Parkins, Bobby Parkins, Tina Parkins, Alejandro Merino, ebay seller (tinpark) Other contact info Exclusively Real Estate-Exclusively REO Inc 450 N Park Road Suite 502, Hollywood, FL, 33021 (954) 986-7001 (786) 261-8898 (573) 305-3737

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