BobCat Of NWA Rogers Arkansas Review


I had two Stihl chainsaws requiring repair. BobCat is a full serfvice Stihl dealer, advertising repair as well as sales of Stihl products. They took both saws and my money. After a period of about three months, multiple trips to and from the dealer, and significant bills, neither saw was repaired. I have subsequently had both saws repaired elsewhere. nThe repair guy adjusted the carbeurator on the first saw and gave it back to me as “fixed””. It wasn’t. When I returned it

he next told me it needed a new carbeurator

but he couldn’t find one for my saw. I got one off of ebay and took it to him. He gave me my saw back again as “”fixed.”” It wasn’t. I took it to another dealer who fixed it in about five minutes. I have subsequently used that saw for many hours without incident. nI took an identical saw to BobCat that had a broken spring on the starter return. He couldn’t find a part for this either

so I found one elsewhere

and took it to him. A month later

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