Bob’s Discount Furniture Springfield Massachusetts Review


Let me say, I have been buying from Bob’s for a long time, and I don’t know why I keep going back! I bought my daughter’s bed there maybe 15 years ago, and they forgot to add the headboard to the order. By the time I got the order off layaway, the bedroom set was discontinued and we could not get a matching headboard. I didn’t go there for about 7 years after that experience. When I went back, I bought 2 couches (on 2 separate occasions), with the protection, and 100% of the time, they would not repair or replace the furniture when it was damaged. Most recently, I bought my son a full size bed. Bob’s delivery told my husband that they would be to our home in a few minutes. My husband asked them to please wait 10 minutes so he could be there for the delivery. When my husband got home, the bed was set up and the delivery people were gone. They let my 22 year old autistic son sign for the bed, which turned out to be too short. We called Bob’s to see if we could trade up to a Queen. They said we could trade the mattress, but not the electronic base, because that was directly from the manufacturer. So warning to all who consider an electric bed from Bob’s … You cannot return an electronic bed base once it is accepted into the home and signed for. And God forbid, if one of your disabled “children”” sign for the bed before you (the paying customer) gets to check it out

you’re screwed! I have been buying more of my furniture from another local furniture store recently

because I am trying to work myself away from Bobu2019s dishonest and deceitful practices.”

135 Memorial Ave West Springfield, Massachusetts USA

(413) 732-4200

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