Bob’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Inc. Complaint


After doing business with this establishment for about 2 years, they gave me a shirt belonging to someone else. Realizing it was a mistake, I returned the wrong shirt and asked for my shirt, a $160 Tommy Bahama shirt, which was a medium and only worn 3 times. These people have always been nice, very pleasant people with good service and so, I hadn’t expected the abusive, accusatory nature of their response. They literally accused me of trying to scam them. The owner, Bob, was neither apologetic no conciliatory. Rather, he was aggressive and inappropriate in response to a reasonable request from a customer. All I wanted was the shirt I had brought in rather than someone’s XXL shirt. He took $100 from his drawer and told me to get out. Moreover, he told me that fiancee, who has been going there for 5 or 6 years was not to come back. We like doing business with mom and pop establishments but expect courtesy when we have a legitimate problem, not crazy accusations and aggressiveness.

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