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I am an RN who was employed by the hospital for almost 14 years until I became ill due to a severely disabling illness. I have provided documentation of such from several health providers. One of which is internationally recognized in the field of my diagnosis; including working with the CDC, the NIH, and advises Health and Human Services on this condition. Although the hospital had the right to send me for an exam by a doctor of their choice for an alternate opinion they chose instead to only send a paper file to two doctors who do not specialize in my illness. Of course those providers disagree with all of my treating providers who have seen firsthand the extent of my disability. The hospital has refused to pay me the short term disability that I am entitled to and was offered as a benefit to their employees. I thought that I was protected financially if I became ill but this is not so. In fact the company that is utilized to provide the alternate opinion actually advertises that they provide a cost effective legally defensible way to deny benefits. I was also advised by the hospital not to bother wasting time on the appeal as they will not pay me. Interestingly, they are actually supposed to view the appeal and additional supporting documentation prior to making a determination. At this time my home is now in foreclosure, I was forced to sell my vehicle to survive, I have had utilities turned off, no money for my animals to go to the vet and much more. What they are doing is reprehensible. I have learned that this type of behavior is common practice. I think the hospital should be ashamed of their actions and I am hoping they will be ultimately held accountable. I just hope it will be prior to my being homeless. It is so frightening to be so sick and have all of these added worries when I had disability insurance. .

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