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Body Masters Auto Center Inc. They Leave Your Car So Unsafe it Endangers Your Life Santa Ana California!!. The State of California, Bureau of Automotive Repairs launched an investigation into this shop. They found negligence and significant issues. Read on for a synopsis. I left my car with BodyMasters Auto Center, 2431 S. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92707, (714) 444-0173, paying them several thousand dollars to repair body, frame, and suspension damage to my vehicle. They deliberately re-use defective/broken parts but will charge you for replacement parts and try to hide this from you; they break additional parts on the car due to their incompetence and then will lie about it to cover up; they intentionally only make the car appear to be repaired but will leave critical components broken and unsafe – to save themselves time and money. One example of what they did to my car: They never fixed the car’s frame so it has sharp bends at several points including where the brake line attaches to the hard steel frame, potentially causing a catastrophic brake line failure. They broke parts that were not broken prior to them taking posession of my car a tried to hide it by lying about it to cover up. None of the body panels on my car line up. There are gaps so big in between the body panels that a man’s hand fits between them.They used zip-ties to make broken bumper brackets appear to be repaired, but lied to me saying they repaired/replaced them. This left the entire front bumper hanging loosely off the front of the car… And that’s just the front bumper – read on for a list of issues created by this shop.It now looks like the car is sagging to one side due to a defective shock/spring combo installed by this shop. Needless to say, the repairs and parts were of such bad quality that I need to replace them completely and spend even more money on my car.Many parts used by BodyMasters in the repair were broken and/or defective. The problems are as follows:* None of the body panels line up with one another, creating uneven surfaces across parts that should be flush with each other and an asymmetrical appearance, as if the car is lopsided* Massive gaps between the vehicle’s “repaired” body panels are big enough that a man’s hand can fit entirely in between them* They used defective suspension components, causing the car to bounce continuously over the most minor bumps, creating an unsafe and un-roadworthy vehicle that could result in the driver losing control of the car* They broke the driver side headlight that was not previously damaged. It falls out and hangs over the front bumper during regular driving. They tried to cover it up by putting the part they broke back in its original place without even attempting to reattach it. I cannot register the vehicle in my state because this damage does not pass DMV safety regulations* BodyMasters lost a piece of the radio antenna and claim that the piece was missing prior to them taking possession of the car, however, pictures of the antenna piece assembled on the car prior to BodyMasters performing “repairs” prove this claim to be false. This missing piece allows water to enter the body panels, potentially causing future rust problems and currently causing poor radio signal reception and water to short out the electrical system by contacting the antenna. This also causes the antenna to bounce around in the panel, chipping away the paint and creating vibrations that significantly diminish ride quality, increase noise from metal rattling, and cause body panels and the antenna itself to loosen over time. They were asked to correct their mistake, to which Jesus said he would obtain a replacement part and contact me when it was ready. I never heard back or had any of my calls returned.* Installed a defective turning lamp and refused to replace or fix it. They didn’t even put a bulb in the first time they turned in the car. This poor quality piece allows water to enter the lamp, shorting the electrical lighting system.* I attempted several times over the course of several months to contact the shop to correct these issues, but have been refused communication with Jesus – shop manager – and never received a returned phone call.* An investigation by the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs confirms all the above facts and pictures were taken of all these issues.

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