Boehm Ritter Bloomington California Review


Like the many other complaints here I was scammed into a free 14 day trial of Nexiderm SP but once I put my bank account number on their order form for the shipping cost of $5.95, I was in trouble. They stated that in order to get a refund, (satisfaction guaranteed) the unused product must be returned within the 14 day trial period or a charge of $49.95 would be deducted from my account. Luckily my lose each month wasn’t as steep as some of the people that got conned by Boehm Ritter, Inc. nBefore I ever received the product, my account was debited the shipping cost and the $49.95 with 13 days in between the two charges. I was put on a monthly optimum program in which they would send a jar of Nexiderm sp every month at the regular price of $89.95 and charge my bank account. They stated that to cancel first I had to get hold of them by phone in order to get a return confirmation number and they would not acknowledge any return to sender, nor cancellations without first receiving and trying the product. My product didn’t even arrive before the trial was over so I should have realised it was a scam from the start. nWell, I kept using it thinking I would go ahead and give it time to work but then started breaking out in bumps all over my face. It was horrible. I immediately called the company only to be put on hold for ever, then after so long a voice came on saying to call back at non peak hours between 3 and 5 pm M-f, then hung up on me. I called back a number of times and never received an answer nor did I get answers from the many emails I sent. The bank said I would have to close my debit card in order to stop the deductions and that was not good for me at the time so I kept receiving this awful stuff for another 3 months. I was still calling and doing everything I knew possible to get noticed by the company just to get them to cancel the program. nAs of today after reading all the complaints against them, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and got a hold of another phone number connected to their company, along with a few other names they go by which I will add to the end of this complaint. nAs for the bank and my debit card, I had to go ahead and cancel my card today and the manager of the bank is sending me forms to sign to reverse charges for the last 3 deductions from my account which were not $89,95 like they stated it would be but $54.90 which was the actual cost of the “free trial”” I was suppose to get. We will have to wait and see what I do get returned to my bank account

hopefully very soon. nThe info I got from the BBB ‘Better Business Bureau’ is as follows: nOriginal start date: July 2003nType of Entity: CorporationnPrincipal: Alden ThompsonnCustomer Service Contact: Alden ThompsonnNumber of employees: 14nPhone number: (707) 259-1500nType of business Class: Internet Marketing ServicesnWebsite Addresses: www.dermylane.comn www.boehm-ritter.comn www.nexiderm.comn www.dermylane-sp.comnAlso doing business as: Nexidermn Dermylane-SPnAdditional addresses: 1001 2nd Street #335


CA 94559n 871 Latour Court


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