Banned from there site for no reason


My Complaint: I was a seller and listed on there because I asked them why they dodn’t advertise there site and why they lied about the results of there different marketing programs. I have 500 of the most popular items online and sales were very minimal compared to other sites. I had the right to know since I invested $50,000 into my booth. They say they have the right to ban any one from there site for any reason but I read over there agreement and it strictly says you have to break one of there policies before they ban you. They advertising practices that are fraud and they should be under investigation for fraudulent business practices. If any one else has been cheated by this company and wants to be part of a class action law suit please feel free to contact me.


My Demand: All. my files back that I spent numerous hours listing on there site. And a percentage of the settlement of $100,000 we will be asking for

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