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Bond Auto Sales Rude & Selling blown up vehicles Tampa Florida!!. I would just like to say that when I first went to Bond i was not thinking oh i am getting the best deal ever i know the reputation they have. my husband’s credit is not good so we went to Bond. Its been over a year now we got a 2001 Ford F150 from them. Today the truck is not running at all i had a mechanic take a look and there is issues with the motor. I will need to purchase a whole new one for the truck. Which by the way i was finacned for 11,000 for the truck which is worth maybe 1500 if you are lucky. Bond informs me that i can trade it in as long as i only owe 1000 wow how nice of you! Why would i want another truck when they are selling rusted out broken trucks to begin with. The other issue is with the manager LANCE. This has to be the rudest worst way of doing business i have ever seen in my life. He was the rudest person i have spoken too because i needed the online password reset to be able to pay the truck online. Well apparently my security answers are wrong. Not sure how since i was the one who set it up. Why would i want to gain access to an account that only lets me pay for the truck? Needless to say he told me he didnt have to do this at all for us and that it was up to him anyway. He went on and on. Well you can’t go above me because i am it so deal with it because i dont need to do this. i hung up. just cannot believe this is how they operate. SHADY SHADY SHADY!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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