bonnie combs – 2337 w 47th st tulsa Review


Expose, blogs and reaction About a year ago, one of Bonnie’s many victims caught on to her act and was able to find out Bonnie’s real name and location, discovering that every thing she claims to be on the internet is a lie. This awesome woman passed the information around online and eventually several hilarious blogs were formed to post the truth about Bonnie combs, including: These blogs sparked a ton of traffic and many people from the Tulsa area contacted the blog owners with information and stories about how Bonnie and her family allowed their plumbing to back up shit all over their front yard and they refused to fix it and were charged by the city for being a danger to the environment. Other people contributed stories about how everyone in Tulsa hates Bonnie and her family, and that Bonnie has been arrested several times for prostitution, drug abuse, drug dealing, possession of child pornography, animal abuse, theft and breaking and entering.

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