Bonnie Reid


Bonnie Reid Major Drug Trafficker Stay Away from her, she is prison material. tupper lake, New York!!. Bonnie Reid has been driving drunk in this community for neary 15 years. She is also a well known drug dealer. Anyone who gets involved with her will get in big trouble. She uses law enforcement to make up lies. She does crimes and pins them on others when shes mad. This woman has destroyed many a good persons lives. she is a theif, drunk, draw addicted woman who at nearly 60 years old still runs to mama with her problems. Mother will cover up crimes and bail her out. She has hurt many good people and used others to further her crimes and lets them take the fall. In fact she will turn them in for something she has done and set them up unsuspectingly. This women has sold drugs in this community for nearly 20 years. When the chips are down she is no kind of friend to anyone. She needs to leave this town, we would all be better off if she did. Her friends are all low life drug addicted alcoholics. The only good people that tried to help or befriend her got burned. Stay away from her. Ask anyone in town and they will concede this is true.

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