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I threatened to take legal action if my money wasnt paid. she never answered.After all of this he emails and phone calls and text m,essages I won’t be getting my money back. I want to hear from ANYONE who has had dealings with Miss Touimer as I am currently speaking with the Federal Police in my country and the FBI Fraud investigators in the U.S.A. Any information you send would be handled with extreme confidentiality. We will take your direction on handing certain material over to the authority. Myriam Touimer is someone that has a very long list of lies and deception to her name. I can’t believe I didn’t know more about her before trusting to do bussines. After doing some research I saw Articles on numerous blogs how she never pays rent and squats at various locartion throughout LA. please dont rent or do any type of bussiness with person. she is very persuasive and demanding and rude. You will recogize her when you see her she has a (((REDACTED))). She stays in the part Labrea Area or Around the Grove in Los Angeles and drives a green Jeep. she hangsout the in the trendy LA places like Isabelle on fairfax. PLEASE BE ON THE LOOK OUT .This woman needs to be charged and labeled as a fraud. I will not stop until he pays for what he has done to so many people.

137 South Robertson Beverly Hills, California USA


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