Bonsai Motors LLC.


Bonsai Motors LLC. Bonsai Motors Car Sales Scam Buyer Beware! Stillwater Minnesota!!. BUYER BEWARE – WE WOULD NOT SUGGEST THAT ANYONE BUY FROM THIS CAR LOT!! They mislead us from start. We paid for tabs & 4 newer tires, but only receive 1 tire & no tabs & no title! Asked for refund 7 times & he says he will drop off but never does. We purchased truck sight unseen because Rick stated “it needed nothing” mechanically, so we offered to pay full asking of $1600 on his statement that “it needed nothing”. We asked how the tires were and he informed us they needed to be replaced. We asked if he would put newer tires on and he agreed for an additional $200. We agreed to pay for it. He delivered the truck and it has no tabs (so legally it shouldn’t be on the road) and when we asked about the tires, he stated 2 new tires were in the bed of truck. This is not what was agreed upon, it was for 4 tires to be installed and then we discovered 1 of the “2 new tires” he said was in the back of truck was actually the spare tire for the truck. Additionally, neither the driver side or passenger side windows work – this should have been divulged vs him stating “it needed nothing” given most people prefer to have at least 1 working window! We contacted him 7 times about these items and he agreed to refund the extra $200 we paid him for the 4 tires and he was to get us the tabs & title for the truck (since we were charged for that as well), however, every time he says he will come with the refund he Never Shows! Lastly, the truck was advertised for $1600 but he charged us $1643.50 (this was not for any tax or filing fees – those were separately charged/paid for). BUYER BEWARE – WE WOULD NOT SUGGEST THAT ANYONE BUY FROM THIS CAR LOT!!

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