Boomerang Marketing Group, Inc. Complaint


Boomerang Marketing Group – I was looking for a job coming right out of college. Long story short, I fell into their misleading job posting on and They will sweet talk their way to try and get you to work for them. One thing you should know is, you already got the job before your resume is even reviewed. They told me I was one of the few people that were selected to their interview out of reviewing more than 100 resumes. Thats a load of crap, cause I actually worked there for a couple weeks and they HIRE AS MANY PEOPLE AS THEY CAN! there is people being hired every single day. Every morning they have this meeting in the office where the boom box is blasting and creating a ‘FUN environment’, then they have the same speech that they rotate on a weekly basis, trying to motivate you to sell their crap product. I’ve actually went out with a few ‘managers’ and interviewees, I really hated when they told me not to show anything NEGATIVE signs about the job, everything has to be POSITIVE! (Such as, my legs are hurting from walking, or It’s too HOT outside) They are a bunch of people scamming people right out of college to work for them. I didn’t stay there long, but still I was able to learn a few things about the REAL WORLD. My only advise to people is if you want to do door to door sales and getting A LOT of rejections, this is the job for you. Otherwise, look for a legit company to work for, cheers!

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