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We contracted with Boss Creative to correct some back end programming errors, serve as a webmaster who would provide site updates and finally, to program a new, fresh modern looking website. We met with Peter Beshay and two employees, one was the programmer being assigned to our project. Our first concern surfaced at that meeting when we were told that we had to buy ‘blocks of time’ at thr amount estimated to be needed for the completion of the project. The estimates were very high asking for several thousand dollars so we initially contracted for 40 hours and to have them start by handling some very basic edits and email issues. It took several weeks, communication was very poor and the meetings were unproductive. We burned through those first 40 hours with little to show for it. The initial programmer was blamed for the poor performance and we learned he had left the company. We needed a few more minor updates to the website and wanted to change our URL address which would change our email addresses, so we bought another 20 hours. After several weeks with no progress, we went to another programming company to solve our email issues. We asked for a report on the hours used and was told that it was only 3. We moved our website to a new company and waited 4 months to see when or if Boss Creative would contact us to complete their contract. When they finally contacted us about our unused block of hours, we were asked to hold another meeting with Peter Beshay, we spoke on the phone instead and I told him that we’d retained another company four months previously and requested a refund of our balance. He responded in his usual manner that he would get back to me at the end of the week or the first part of the following week… that was 2 months ago. He did leave a parting comment that all ‘time bank purchases’ were non-refundable and that the accounting report was grossly understated… and that he would provide evidence of the same. This is close to being the worst company we have had the misfortune to have worked with. Only out (or under) performed by another firm that skipped town with our deposit. Stay as far away as possible. .

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