Botanic Ridge Cranbourne love affair Dwayne Doig & Renee Gray


Dwayne Doig & Renee Gray R 2 disgusting pple. Cheated not only on there husband & wife but there kids & Families.They continued there extra martial affairs 4 seven years .Watch your husband pple of Cranbourne & botanic ridge this women was not only sleepin with. Dwayne but has slept with another 4 man while married. She has no self respect & loves 2 suck c***. She does not want this out because she can’t like she is perfect and does not want to lose the income &lifestyle from her husband. Dwayne is a pig and will f*** any thing that has a vergina.We now add Cherie to this f***** up love triangle, Renee’s husband wanted revenge so f***** Cherie for pay back 2 Dwayne. Cherie is a s*** & will sleep with you husband as she did Renee’s. Cherie is a s*** but there is not words 2 explains Renee & her behaviour & how many man she has been in the time when she bein married.What sort of marriage is that.

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