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Complaint: This is about the complete deceit, lying and manipulation by the Boulder Police Department and Boulderu2019s Adult Protective services. I will not being the specific names of those involved, I know this is a public forum. I will say that their complete handling of my case was through lying, manipulation, and deceit. The facts that I found out after my arrest and sentencing did not correspond with anything that was told to me by Boulder Police and Boulder Adult Protective services. I do have all the paperwork, voicemails, and conversations saved in order to bring this to light. In the months following my initial arrest and sentencing, I found that everything that was told to me and why I was arrested didnu2019t actually exist. I since have contact numerous attorneys in and around the area, but it seems as though no one wants to take on a case against the city. I canu2019t blame them, their professionals and know what is best for their firm or practice. I hope that by getting this message out, perhaps someone or organization can make a suggestion or referral that perhaps some justice could be served so that the checks and balances in our system that we are taught in school can actually be put to practice, not just a warm fuzzy idea that makes young people feel good about being in America. Please, if you or anyone you know could actually do something about this please help out others. Thanks for reading this.

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