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They offered a $150 for switching. I was supposed to receive a gift card after 3 on-time payments and I’m pretty good at keeping up with rewards except this time. I sent an email 2 weeks ago, after 7 months of not having received the gift card, and they never responded. I called this morning and they apologized and said that I was supposed to have called, which is a lie: the terms stated that I was supposed to make a selection online and I did. I also have copies of their online offer and all other documents proving I signed up with them at the time. Same with their rewards programs. They say you can select/redeem online, but there’s nowhere on their website. I had to call and they sent an email saying I had to respond to an email from another company which sends the gift cards and the other company never sent the email. I had to call again and finally received the card. Don’t sign up if you don’t want to pay enormous extra (dubious) fees which you get back in form of “rewards” if you spend a lot of time calling customer service. BTW, all the great reviewers seem to just do it to post their codes, so that they get the referral bonus.

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