Bounce Energy Review


This company SCAMS you on meter readings and charges and then RUDE customer service people refuse to make any corrections. In May 5/9 – 6/8 I used 2890 kwh. I realized that my electric usage would increase in the next billing cycle for more A/C is being used in the summer months and in June 6/8-710, 2012 it says I used 3444 kwh and in July 7/10-8/2 it says I used 3316. The problem with the middle billing in June for 3444 kwh is that THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!! I was OUT OF THE COUNTRY from 6/22 to 7/8 – this is 17 DAYS out of 33 that my house was locked down, A/C OFF, no cooking, washing or lights. We even unplugged all computer and TV products! My family was completely out of the house for more than 1/2 of the billing cycle. My usage could NOT have been 3444 kwh for this month!! IT COULD NOT BE AND DOES NOT MAKE ANY LOGICAL SENSE!! When I called several times to complain I received no help from the RUDE customer service reps and NO ATTEMPT to correct this ridiculous billing was made. I switched services (FOR I CAN NOT WORK WITH A COMPANY THAT BLATENTLY SCAMS THEIR CUSTOMERS) and now am being charged a $250.00 early cancellation fee from my 2 year contract (we have NEVER paid late and we were 3 months shy of our two years). DO NOT USE BOUNCE ENERGY – THEY ARE RUDE SCAMMERS!

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