Box Office Ticket Sales Review


I Googled the box office sales for the new Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City. I was taken to The site seemed OK and quoted me ticket prices. By the time the smooth talking salesperson was through my bill for two tickets to Jay Leno totaled $317.40. Because the theater is new, I thought perhaps “Vegas Prices” were in effect. Thinking we probably had great seats, imaging our dismay when we sat in the upper balcony on the LAST row. Many rows in front of us were vacant. My efforts to get some kind of refund were extremely futile to say the least. I found that great tickets were about $60 a piece. Many straight from Broadway productions are now coming to this new state of the art theater and I want to get the word out there to consumers. Buy ONLY from the box office of the theater you’re attending. This group should be banned from any ticket sales.


Name: Box Office Ticket Sales

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Chicago

Address: 17 E Monroe Street, #217

Phone: 1-800-515-2171


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