BP Gas Station


BP Gas Station I was charged a different gas price for Regular Gas. Regular Gas was for $2.14 & so I filled up 15 gallons. I ended up paying $47.02 which seemed alot for the price & gallons I had chosen. I printed my BP receipt & it said BP charged me $2.94 for 15 gallons, instead of $2.14. I have pictures of the pump as well. Villa Park Illinois!!. I went to BP Gas Station in Villa Park, IL on Nov. 10, 2018 & the Regular Gas price was at $2.14. I filled up 15 gallons of Regular. At the end I ended up paying $47.02 at the pump which was odd & alot for 15 gallons. So I printed my receipt & it showed that BP charged me $2.94 for 15 gallons, instead of $2.14 like I had seen advertised on their Display & pump price for Regular Gas Price. I tried to tell the Clerk that I was charged the wrong price but she had the doors locked & wouldn’t open the door.

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