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Brad Benson Hyundai terrible service Monmouth Junction New Jersey!!. I scheduled an appointment for 3:15 on Wednesday because my car was not starting properly and the engine was making knocking sounds. I showed up around 2:45. My oil was checked as soon as I pulled in while the engine was running. The service tech told me my oil was low, which I have a hard time believing because I had just had the oil changed about 1,000 miles ago. He told me I was down two quarts. I asked why my oil light had not come on and he explained that it was not low enough to trigger the light. My car takes 4.8 quarts, so 2 quarts is nearly half of my oil! Strike one. I filled out some paperwork and the tech told me he would “push my car though” and that I would hear from them before any repairs were made. By 7:30 I had not heard a word, so I called up to see what the status of my car was. All I was told was that they heard the knocking, but they could not test the starter issue until the engine was cold, so they would have to wait until morning. The tech told me he would be in at 9am and I would hear from him then. I should not have had to call to get this information. Strike two. Today (Thursday), I called around 3pm because I had still not heard from anyone there. Strike three. The tech claims the car started up with no issue and the knocking sounds were my suspension, which was loose. He said they were fixing it now and were going to take it for a test drive. I told him no repairs were to be made until I was called and made known about them so I could approve it. He said it was covered under warranty, so they didn’t bother to call. Strike four. I had now called twice about my vehicle, which is unacceptable, and wanted to know when I would get a call back about it. He said within an hour and half. I never got that call. Strike five. I called up angrily to demand to know about my car, but was informed the service department was called. I said I wanted to speak to a manager at 7:30 am when they opened. It will be two days my car has been there and no communication!!

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