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Brad Playfair owns a small number of corporate real estate properties in and around Valencia, California. I happened to be one of his recent (and hopefully last) customers. When I first saw the offices, everything looked clean, modern, and in working condition; and Brad Playfair appeared to be a stand-up guy as well. I signed a one year lease for my small business and moved in the subsiquent month. At first Brad seemed to be a reasonable landlord. Things weren’t perfect–the electricity in the common area was not working for a couple of days–but nothing major and nothing that we couldn’t deal with. Brad Playfair appeared to hear our requests and seemed to fix the situations as they arose like a good landlord should. But then summer came. The AirConditioning broke in the beginning of July and never got fixed. The office was so hot you couldn’t work. I asked Brad Playfair to fix it, and he always made it seem like he would, but it never got fixed. According to him there was a problem in the entire buildings vent system. After reviewing our lease, I realized our contract never guranteed airconditioning, but to me, that’s a good faith clause. Who doesn’t offer airconditioning. I contacted him and gave him one week to at least show that he’s made some progress toward fixing the problem or we would move out because we simply could not work there After the phone call nothing happened and our only course of action was to leave the offices as soon as we found new ones. I thought this was just a bad experience that we could put behind us until I got a call from Brad Playfair’s lawyers saying that we were being sued for the remainder of our rent. We did leave 5 months early, but the you literally could not work in these offices. We tried to play nice and express our concerns to Brand Playfair but he just didn’t fix the problem. We lost the case. I’m writing this report as a warning to anyone in Valencia California who comes accross a Brad Playfair: do NOT rent anything from this man, he is a horrible landlord and will only try to rip you off in the end. We ended up losing the case and had to pay for our legal fees which were pretty substantial. If you have the opportunity to, DO NOT rent from Brad Playfair. Even though our contract did not include airconditioning, I think it’s safe to say it’s a landlord’s job to make his tenants comfortable before he just sues them.

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