Brad Spivey and Robert Kensel Review


I found a Huskie FB community group that is ran by Bradley ( Brad ) Spivey. I purchased a dog from him on 8/9 for $1,500. Later on that night the puppy had a seizure and slept the rest of the night and morning. I took the puppy to the vet in the morning and there was communication back and forth with Brad informing him what was going on, that the puppy was sick, and I was incurring a $491 vet bill. | He offered to pick up the dog and offer a full refund plus pay the vet bill. An hour later the puppy died right in front of me and my 6 year old daughter. I informed Brad and after I requested a refund, he didn’t respond the rest of the day, but he did remove me from the FB husky group ( I’m assuming so I wouldn’t post what had just happened ). | So it went from full refund + vet bill paid when the dog was alive to non response, removed from fb group. A day later he said he didn’t have the money I had paid him 2 days ago, so I will be taking him to court. Avoid this seller. All of the documentation is linked to a storage unit place, money goes through a Robert Kensel either through paypal or cashapp. End results was $1,991 to watch a puppy die 1 day into ownership, followed by no refund being offered.


Name: Brad Spivey and Robert Kensel

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Okeechobee

Address: 2190 SR 70 West

Phone: 863 623 8988


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