Brad and burke charged me 300$ for a 15 minute job. I never was told of these huge charges nor did I even sign anything thing said I agreed to this. They were first notified to service my heater and do a bid on a new vent in the bathroom. They replaced a relay switch since I told them it was out. they went out and turned on a breaker switch saying they did not know what it was for. After that my furnace went out. it has never done that before so I called them . The guy came out and turned on the breaker switch saying that was what caused it. I said ” it never did that before, it was you turning on the extra one. He was there a total of 10-15 minutes.I get a bill in the mail for 300$ that charged me for 2 hours plus drive time, When I called them and said I was not going to pay this. they hung up the phone on me Then I get this letter that say I was not to contact them again. They then sent me a bill threatening me with late fee and collection Also I am a senior citizen with arthritis, a woman living alone. Ther is no legal recourse but to take them to small claims court but even then they will never pay it. They never do.. I have an excellent credit rating and they were threatening me with that. Elderly women living alone are abused by contractors all the time. . I have been takrn advantage in this town so much. BRad and Burke heating and AC, ellensburg are rip off artists I hope some group does contact me in order to get these people. As it is I am all alone .

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