Bradford Financial Group Complaint


BEWARE of this wiring fraud!! DO NO SEND THEM MONEY!! BEWARE of BRADFORD FINANCIAL GROUP!! Do Not wire them any money!! I talked to a over the phone earlier asking him how could he do this to people and sleep at night! I am warning that this company is a SCAM! It was interesting enough that I called this number and I wanted to know why they were wanting people to wire money BEFORE they could get their funds. The man on the other end of the line said that “It is illegal in the US but we are asking them to wire it to CANADA”. I then asked him why was he scamming people out of their livelihood and some people can’t even buy food because they sent all of their money thinking that they could get a loan. He was furious and I keep on calling him a scam artist. I didn’t call his personal cell but when I hung up, an 816 area code came up on my phone. I don’t know how he got my number because I dialed *67 to block it but he called and started to cuss me out for calling his personal cell. What a crook! He even said that he was going to call the authority and I said that I was going to do the same with his personal number. He wanna call the authority on me when he is the one scamming people?? DO NOT WIRE MONEY to these people!! They are scam artist and they are part of a large group of fake lending companies that would contact consumers telling them that they had been approved for a requested loan amount from a “private” investor. They will contact you with all of your information if you have filled out an online loan application. They may seem sincere but they are professionals that will say what you want to hear and they are good at their job because they are trained to do so. It is AGAINIST the law to wire or send money BEFORE you get the loan. They will fax you a document that may look legit and then ask you to fax it back with your driver’s license. That person will then tell you to wire or send a cashier’s check to their FAKE loan company and then they tell you that you will get a direct deposit the next day. That day will never come because they won’t deposit the requested loan. They then will tell you that your loan is in “REVISION” by the “private” investor and they will ask you to send more money or get a refund. They will not refund you the money and soon enough, their phone number will be disconnected and you are then left with a larger debt. Please DO NOT believe them because they are smooth and they will seem caring but they don’t. They are low lives and they are like maggots that prey on desparate individuals with credit problems. Believe me, I was one of the many victims of these people and I don’t want any other people to fall for this. BE CAREFUL because they are trained and they are smooth.

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