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Brad’s Auto Service Zero communication, zero work done on my car, held my car without notice… Gladstone Missouri!!. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had… I called these guys on a Thursday to have my ’67 Mustang looked at for general repair. I needed someone that would be willing to look at my 47 year old car and give it a “once-over” and create a running list of things we need to do to make my car a reliable daily driver. They told me that Monday would be the earliest day they could get me in. I dropped the car off on Monday morning as scheduled and planned on leaving it for the day. When I called to check on my car at 2pm, I was rudely told that my car hadn’t even been looked at yet and that they couldn’t look at my car until later in the day. I attempted to call again around 5:45pm and got no answer from them They close at 6pm so having heard nothing from them all day regarding the status of my car made me worrisome to say the least. I had to settle with the fact that my classic car was being held at Brad’s overnight without any notice from them or even a courtesy call to see if I would be ok with leaving the car overnight. The following morning I called them about 45 minutes after they opened. I was rudely told again that no one has touched my car yet and that if I didn’t want to wait then I should just come up and pick up the car. SERIOUSLY!? They had my car for more than 24 hours with ZERO communication from them and their response is and having never looked at my car and I get a, “just come pick it up if you don’t want to wait”. I’m not sure what in the world is going on with this place but there were hardly any cars in their service bays and it looked as though they had plenty of available personnel to look at my car for an hour, especially when I called ahead and scheduled an appointment. Furthermore, I also feel that it’s necessary to say that Sam’s Service Center just down the street from Brad’s is owned/operated by the same people/person. When I initially dropped off my car at Brad’s, there was another person standing behind the counter from Sam’s Service Center and was asking me questions about what was going on. I researched this a bit and found out that these two auto repair shops are one in the same. Also, I found it extremely exploited by them in that when I came to pick up my, I was simply handed the keys and sent on my way. There was no apology, no explanation, no attempt to keep my business. Instead there was a guy behind a counter that was cold and just said, “here’s your keys”. I highly recommend NOT going to this shop for your auto repair needs. I’ll be posting this same review on Angies List and Ripoff Scams. I welcome a response from the owner, I’ve got plenty of documentation to support my review if I feel its necessary to take this claim further.

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