Bragg’s Used Cars


Bragg’s Used Cars Sold me a car that could have caused a serious accident Barboursville West Virginia!!. I purchased a car from this used car lot in October 2014. They advertise that every car is detailed inside and out prior to being sold, however mine was not and there were items in the trunk belonging to the previous owner. A few weeks later I got a flat tire due to a crack in the rim, when I attempted to change the tire I noticed that there wasn’t a spare tire, jack, or a lug wrench. I contacted them and the owner told me that he would order a new rim and call me when it arrived. after a week of waiting I called to find out the status of the replacement rim, but i was told by the ownee that it had not been ordered. He advised me that if I purchased one out of pocket that he would take the amount off of my payments.

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