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Brake Pro Damaged Wheels, refuses to pay for repairs Middletown, Connecticut!!. On Friday March 29, 2013, after reading installer recommendations off of I found Brake Pro. I dropped off my brand new set of wheels and tires to be mounted for a reasonable price. Excellent, all my packages arrived earlier in the week and couldn’t wait for them to be installed. I picked up my wheel later in the day and drove home. After arriving home I noticed that the face of one wheel was damaged and each wheel had gouges in them along the bead, this is a result of the tire clamp slipping. I called the individual and he agreed to paying for the refinishing. Saturday morning, March 30, 2018 I dropped off the estimate. Several hours later he called me refusing to pay for the damages done to the wheels. Admitting that he damaged the wheels, he is refusing to repair them on the basis that “it will happen again.” After explaining to him that the wheels are compromised and a bit of, ‘going back and forth,’ he hung up the phone after becoming irate. Before hanging up on me he explained how “I was just looking for money.” I kindly responded that I just want my BRAND NEW wheels fixed, and he could pay the wheel repair shop directly. I gave the individual the benefit of the doubt at first. He acknowledges damaging my wheels and refusing to pay for them. Never again will I trust a “Brake Pro.”

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