I took my Friend’s car to Brake Master’s today to get her brakes inspected. My experience there was very bad! They did the free inspection on the brakes…Long story short the Manager TJ came to me with an estimate for front brake pads and rotors for over $300. and front shocks for over $300….I can’t give you the exact amount because he wouldn’t give me a copy of the estimate to give to my friend. He stated they don’t give out the estimates because he’s had people take them to other shops and get better deals. He told me this after I told him I couldn’t authorize him to do the work because my Friend would have to okay it. He was extremely rude and very condescending! He stated he was tired of people coming in and using there free service in order to go elsewhere. He also brought to my attention the time that it took them to prepare her car to make the necessary repairs and why can’t I call her to get the approval. I already stated she was at work and couldn’t be reached! Anyway, I left there and went straight to my Trustworthy mechanics at Meineke…AND GUESS WHAT!!! SHE DID NOT NEED BRAKE PADS OR ROTORS!!! I was told the brake pads were like new and the rotors were just fine (The shocks did need to be replaced). How about that? They’re trying to sell people services they don’t need…I just wonder how many unsuspecting customer’s TJ has stolen from. I just want to put it out there…”PLEASE BEWARE OF BRAKE MASTERS” in Riverside California!!!

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