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As someone who already reviewed this store before me said … “Do you feel lucky?”. I received an expensive pair of Monitor 270 speakers from this store and they had the best price that I could find on the internet. They were received and packed in excellent condition. That being said, I ordered this BEFORE seeing the reviews. I would probably NOT order from this store again unless I could place an order before having to pay up front – I was not aware the store takes full payment when placing an order. This is the first time (other then ebay), I have had to pay for something ordered on the internet, before the goods were shipped. Here are some things to consider before you should consider buying, and things I went through. 1. I placed an order over the phone as I was inquiring about the speakers. I was told they were in stock and the order would be filled and shipped within two business days. The order actually was not shipped for 14 days. 2. My credit card was unknowingly fully charged for the order when my order was placed, rather than when sent out for shipment. Any reputable company should wait to charge you until the goods are actually shipped, in my mind. 3. When I inquired about the company after I made my order, I found the following bad news about them: a) they are not physically located at the address they portend to be in their website. They are actually in Brooklyn. Check out where they are located and determine for yourself if you would shop there. 96 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11223 Why would they claim a different address on their website? b) they have an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB with 14 unsatisfied complaints, with NO responses. Check out It appears to me that they first take an order for full payment, and then try to find the merchandise. If they find the merchandise, certainly you’ll get a good deal (as I did). It will take longer to have an order filled because they are not typically authorized resellers for most (if not all) of their products. What is less clear, is what happens if they can not find the merchandise. I suspect they hold your payment ransom and in some cases take 25% restocking fees if you cancel your order. As mentioned, if you’re willing to pay up front, wait longer, and possibly not have your order filled, these guys are probably for you. I would call them directly and have something in writing that you could cancel your order if it is not shipped within a certain time period to avoid the “restocking” fee, as some have claimed to have had to pay. Read the fine print on their website. If you would rather buy from an authorized dealer, have your credit card charged only when the order is shipped, and buy from a website that tries to resolve disputes, this dealer is NOT for you.

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