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Whenever somebody calls and tells me “”There’s something wrong with youe computer,”” I know it’s a scammer and hang up. But not long ago, a man saying he was James from 24/7 (the computer tech company I’ve used for two years and completely trust) called and told me someone was attempting to hack my laptop. He sounded just like one of the 24/7 techs and in my panic I stupidly didn’t call 24/7 to check. He asked to take control of my laptop–something the 24/7 techs have often requested–and I let him. James worked on my laptop for a while (I watched him but didn’t really understand what he was doing), then turned me over to Brandon, who also sounded exactly like a 24/7 tech, then asked me to buy a green-dot money pak for over $300 and call him back. I did, then he worked for a while, called back and told me the hackers weren’t letting him install it, that I needed a new IP address, which would cost $1200. I said my internet supplier would give me a new IP address, but Brandon gave me a techy explanation that amounted to: this was a special one from Microsoft that would prevent hacking and that’s why it was so expensive. I actually believed him and bought another money pak, then watched him work on my laptop for two hours. When he asked me to buy yet another moneypak I called 24/7 instead and learned they had no one working for them named James or Brandon. I never gave Brandon my credit card number and don’t do online banking, thank god. And 24/7 has checked my computer thoroughly and installed max internet security so I can’t be hacked. I Googled Brandon, and he’s a notorious scammer. I need the money I gave these guys, but I’m madder at myself than I am at them. I’m highly intelligent, aware that there are scammers out there–I’ve taught many people how to use computers, in fact–but I’m also deathly afraid of being hacked, really trust my computer-tech firm, and that’s why acted (well, didn’t act) so stupidly. Now I want to do anything I can to stop them from scamming anybody else this way. I found out the telephone number they used is a “”spoof”” number, but they’re so sure of themselves they may still be using it. The number is (888) 340-3668 Reynolds Asheville, N.C. .

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