Brandy Lee Wood – Fort Worth, Texas Texas


I met this woman thinking Brandy Lee Wood was the one. I asked for hand in marriage and all. Once she got the ring things changed. She started putting locks on her phone, losing her phone not coming home etc. Let me also say she has two kids who she does not even have custody of so dumb of me, that should have been a sign! One night I showed up to surprise her while she was out with”friends” and there I find her outside the bar making out with some other guy. I left – once Brandy Lee Wood got home she denied all. || My job now is to bring her down. I started looking at her phone- come to find out she is sending naked photos to some guy named Adam and telling him he is the father of one of her kids! She has another guy paying for that kid and believing she is his. This chick is so messed up. Not only was she telling the”baby daddy” she loves him but there is another guy in fricken AZ that is begging to come to TX to be with her. All the while I am paying her bills. WATCH OUT MEN AND WOMAN ALIKE THIS WOMAN WILL USE AND ABUSE.

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