Brandy Longmore Kearns, Utah Utah


I had been with my boyfriend for 5 years; we had just had our second child together. I came home one night to find him, his cousin, this girl and her boyfriend hanging out at my house. Well this girl ended up fighting with her boyfriend, so we let her stay at our house a few days with their son. Come to find out she was f**king my boyfriend while I was at work, in my house, with my kids present! || I kicked both their asses out, and now she brags about how great of a man he is to her and her kid. When he doesn’t see or support our two children. Flash forward and now he’s sitting in prison and she’s still with him. After she’s been repeatedly told how he cheats on her and lies to people saying she’s only his friend and they aren’t together. Thank god for this homewrecking cow or I’d be the one looking stupid. Ha ha. They are both so sad and pathetic; almost 30 and they have nothing to show for themselves. Hes in prison and she lives with her dad. F**king garbage ass people!

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