Branscum Motor Company, INC. Review


I bought a 2002 pontiac grand prix from Arron Branscum that he said was a great car that he knew the family it belonged to it had been in that family along time and that he knew it had been well taken care of , i bought this car july 14th an still dont have a good clear title, it took him a month to get me the title an when he did it had an affidavit with it, i took it an got tags an insurance changed over to it, and a week later the transmission goes out in it , prier to this i had done put 340.00 worth of parts on this car, three window regulators button clusters on both front doors and a brand new radiator , the day i drove it home from his lot it got 240 degrees on me he said as long as the temp needle didnt get in the red that i was good to go. | i gave 1200.00 cash for the car . i told him the trans went out an he said he had another lot in memphis that he would bring two or three cars of the same value down and i could pick one that he would just trade with me well that didnt happen he has got to were he will not deal with me he has his daddy deal with me an three saturdays ago i stopped in to see it they had figured anything out and i got cussed out and told to leave an never come back all in front of my 15 yr old daughter . And she is a witness to every conversation me and the Branscum’s had she knows exactly what they told me this car was for her 16th birthday the 28th of this month .

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