Bravenet Complaint


Beware of this sh***y a** hosting company!!! Do NOT use them, they SUCK and you will have your identity and credit cards stolen! I had been with them for a long time and ran a website to where one has to pay to get access to the members area by paying a fee. Once they pay they get a user name and password. Well bravenet puts a part on the login area to where ANYONE can simply email bravenet and request a new password even if they did not pay and bravenet will give it to them!!Not only did they RUIN my business, I have since had my website and entire hosting HACKED because of this and had someone steal all my credit card info and Ruin my credit and spend 10, 000 on my cards and stold my identity all because of BRAVENET and their sh***y a** so-called security. Do NOT use them unless you want to have EVERYTHING you own stolen they have zero security and give away their CUSTOMERS PASSWORDS to TOTAL STRANGERS!!!

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