Bravofly Review


Dont gamble with BRAVOFLY! It will cost you. nAfter making a cancellation of a round trip flight from Sweden to Magalluf, I have now experienced the following three BRAVOFLY honors: 1. Yes we usually refund the full value of the purchase. 2. No we cant answer how much you will get in refund. 3. Refunds are varible to this and that! Great, lets really see what this means: 1. Do NOT believe this. Not a chance! Our purchase was for some 241 EUR per person. I asked if there was any administrative fee. The answer was “I really cant answer that””. Hrm…. 2. Could you just say 10

15 or 20%???? No

because it depends on many things. 3. When you see a mail confirmation

you will se the sum of your refund…. nRight

so here are the figures: 1. We paid 241 EUR for a ticket. The total refund is 35.37 EUR ?????? 2. If we dont want to pay the adminstraive fee

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