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Breakaway Transportation LLC Randall McCull This company scammed me out of thousands of dollars. I leased my truck onto his DOT number and hauled over $11000 in freight in 3 weeks. He didnít pay me one cent. He also booked me on loads knowing I couldnít get them delivered without breaking my HOS. Then told me if I didnít break the law to deliver his loads he would fire me. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS GUY!!! Boise Idaho!!. This is a shady fly by night trucking company that will promise you all kinds of great things. Once you are signed on and thousands of miles from home he changes his whole attitude toward you. I put over 8000 miles on my truck and was forced to run illegally for the first time in my life. I received $0 from him in return for 3 weeks on the road and delivered over $11000 in freight. Randall is a very smooth talker and will have you thinking he is trying to help you out. In reality he is a scammer and a straight up con man. I hope no one gets stuck in the mess he had me in. And I really hope the department of transportation revokes his Operating Authority to make our roads a safer place for everyone. If you are even slightly considering working with this company I suggest you run the other way fast.

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