BREDEMANN CHEVY JOHN BREDEMANN, FRANCISO, TOM GALLOWAY BREDEMANNS DO NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS, THEY RIPPED OFF A 22 US SOLDIER WHO JUST RETURNED FROM AFGHANISTAN Internet!!. My son a US Solider who is 22 years old, bought a supposed certified vehcile from bredemann chevy, we found out 3 days later that the car was not certified, fransisco tried to buy us off by upgrading to a platinum vehicle package, we declined, got to john bredemann, who was rude, ignorant and had no customer services skills, meanwhile, found out tires and rotors were bad, attempted to insist on repairs and was basically shut down, called back spoke to service mgr, who told me to have my son drive the car from his army base in GA back here so they could do an inspection. drove it here, they could not produce the certification (because there is none) then called the police on US Soldier when thing got heated because they refused to fix car. Now he has to drive the death trap back to GA.

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