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I built a custom home with Breen Homes in 2013. It’s now 2019 and I am considering building another home on a lot I own in Sandy. I’ve built 8 homes over the past 36 years. I saw a negative review about Adam Breen and thought I would post my opinion because I found the negative review on this site to be; totally false, bias, unfounded on facts, extremely vague and likely posted to just be vindictive. My real experience with Breen Homes was fantastic. Best builder I have ever dealt with and I’m a very experienced consumer. Adam, (owner contractor) was honest, reliable, responsive, professional, on time and on budget. When doing a custom home, things change. But at the end of the day my job (on a 6600 foot home in Cottonwood Heights) took 5.5 months from dig to occupancy and was within 5% of Breen Homes original budget breakdown. Adam runs a tight ship with little overhead and he’s one of the hardest working builder contractors I’ve ever met. He’s one jobs around 6:30 AM and he still often swung by at 6pm. He answers calls and emails early morning, late night and weekends. He’s a problem solver and quickly gets to the “let’s fix it” instead of the “it’s your fault finger pointing”. Iu2019d recommend Breen Homes and Adam Breen specifically to ANYONE wanting to build or remodel in SLC and I say that letting any consumer know that I was a real client with Breen Homes who went through their entire process.

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