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It started by me believing what I was told that there would be no surprise charges or rate increases. A few months into a 3 year contract I recieved a notice of a $10 fee that would be deducted from my account. I immediately wrote them NOT to take the money, I never agreed to this and if they took the money it would be theft and I would have to cancel. after several E mails and them ignoring the subject they took the money illeagally so I closed the account and sent them a cancelation. They called and told me that they would forward it to the main office and it would be taken care of, of course it wasn’t I kept receiving bills on an account that was closed. Then I recieve a notice that I have been sent to collections so in turn I contacted collections and told them what happened then contacted consumer affairs and the better business bureau. Next is a lawyer I am so sick of getting run over by liars I might even contact call Curtis from the news. The one thing that they fail to realize in their own contract it states that Any AUTHORIZED charges may be withdrawn from my account. PERIOD. I have in writing more than once did I tell them it was NOT authorized! that is theft! then they try to say they gave me a refund. when the truth is they did not. there is no such deposit to my account. They also state that they offered me a early termination fee of $600 which I never recieved in any form, That I do not feel that I should have to pay because it was not my choice to cancel. I have all the E mails to prove I did everything NOT to cancel. So to sum it up they Caused me to cancel by breaching the contract UN AUTHORIZED charges! They are harassing me by sending me bills on an account I dont have and sending me to collections for a bill they should pay and Theft for taking money that was NOT authorized

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