Brendan Mace


Complaint: I purchased Brendan Mace product along with upsells in good faith. After purchasing his products, I believed the products were not good. I respectively asked for my refunds as per the 100% money back guarantee. Brendan Mace gace me the option to take other products in place of the refunds. I said u201cNo Thank Youu2026 please issue refundsu201d. Brendan Mace did say he would issue my refunds in that same email. After 6 days and 3 emails, I got no response for my refunds. The next day I put in the disputes with PayPal. Brendan Mace immediately replied saying that I was a u2018horrible human beingu2019 He said that I would lose the PayPal disputes, and he was correct, I lostthe PayPal dispute. I then made an appeal for Brendan Mace to reconsider otogive me my refunds. I also told him that if I do not get my refunds, I would be posting a video review and I will be making complaints on websites like RiffOffReport and eConsumer. Brendan Mace again replied back calling me a u2018horrible human beingu2019 and I am also u2018abhorrentu2019 for wanting my money backu2026 and that he would sue me. Brendan Mace said he does not give refunds on upsellsu2026 thatu2019s his policy. Brendan Mace also said that I will loseaccess to the products which I paid over $230. I simply want my money back.

Tags: Bank Fraud, Internet Fraud, Withdrawing Money Without Authorization

Address: United States



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