Brent Dugas Catering Complaint


Brent Dugas Catering offers lunches for my daughters preschool at Highland Baptist. I have always paid $3.25 for her to have a hot lunch every day. There has been a few days were I have kept my daughter home from school unexpectedly and I understand that I lose the money that I paid for her lunch. However, one day in March the school closed one whole day for rain. Not by my choice the school closed. I had already prepaid her lunch. It was not offered that we could go to the school that day and pick up a lunch for her, nor was a refund offered. I only asked that I could have the $3.25 from that one day credited for another lunch. However, Brent refused to give me any kind of credit stating he was out of the money because he purchased food in advance. So he is suggesting that he threw away massive amounts of food because the school was closed one day. I find that rather unlikely that it was not used in some other way. I am getting really tired of just being expected to pay and lose money without complaining about it. I do not have an endless cash flow and in my book what he is doing is theft. Taking money without providing a product or even a credit. I find it horribly odd that he is working at a Christian School because this is not very Christian. I own a business too and I understand some things are beyond your control but many times in my business I have had to eat the cost of something just to do the right thing by the customer. I am very disappointed in Brent Dugas Catering and will never again write them a check for anything. Also, since they do provide services for parties and events I will be sure to let everyone I know that they don’t care about people only money!

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