Brett Ferguson Attorney At Law Complaint


Brett L Ferguson of Kerrville TX is a “criminal defense attorney” that purchased a fractional ownership plan from an individual and chose our company to transfer it for him. Our company never received any compensation for his purchase. Traditionally, “attention to detail” is a very important trait in an attorney so I must warn you. Mr. Ferguson checked the county records and saw that a unit resembling his unit was recorded from his seller to another buyer. Instead of raising his question to the appropriate company, Mr. Ferguson contacted the attorney general and wrote unprofessional and poorly worded letters threatening everyone he felt was involved in the transfer. He also went on the internet and posted nasty blogs and defamatory/slanderous allegations about individuals he thought were involved. Bottom Line – It was not even his unit! It’s mistakes like that that could be very costly for a client, especially when it is your freedom that is on the line. Very small mistakes can have huge consequences; but not in this case. Brett L. Ferguson, Attorney at Law was immediately informed of his status and that his deed was indeed correct and being sent to the county. We were happy to let these ridiculous actions go but Mr. Ferguson persisted again (after his deed was notarized and sent to the county) by calling the criminal division at the Sheriff’s Office in Kerr County (population of 43, 000 people) to call our offices and threaten our staff members. He seems to be confused about what is civil and what is a criminal offense. Bottom Line: I question whether Brett Ferguson attempted to abuse process, and if so – shouldn’t he know better? Was he interested only in accomplishing some improper purpose and use criminal threats as collateral to offend justice? I believe that is a question the Texas Bar should answer. Mr. Ferguson has only been practicing law in Texas since 2003. If you are looking for an attorney that serves Kerrville there are plenty to choose from (try to pick one with a website at least). Here is a link to some choices: T-S-R Staff

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