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Unfortunately there are many of these arrogant programmers out there that think they are god’s gift to the human race. They are difficult to deal with & think they are better than everyone else. I feel Brian is just one of these types. He applied to our hiring ad on odesk for a PHP programmer & we were to set up an interview, but things went south from there when I told Brian it would have to be tomorrow as I had a very busy day today. We asked him for his e-mail address as I had to send him something & for some reason Brian didn’t like that request because he ignored it. Then the next response felt to me like he was trying to push his way through our screening process. I could feel that Brian had no patience. Even before that I felt him resisting, as he arrogantly made a joke about one of our hiring ad questions in his bid. So if you are going to hire him, I suggest you take the time to really vet him so he doesn’t try to control you. When I told him he hadn’t given me his e-mail address & asked him why he hadn’t, his arrogant disrespectful response was, “Hmm… Scrolling back through our conversation (as you can easily do yourself) the only thing you requested was my skype address. I gave you my cell phone number in my original post. I really don’t have time for games. I already discounted my rate from 50 to 30. But seeing as I can already see you would be what I call a “pain in the ###” client. I withdraw my application. Best of Luck. ” So he swears at me & says I’m difficult & playing games because he “thinks” he knows what’s going on over in our company. That alone should speak volumes of his personality. Sure Brian has a right to withdraw his application & we also have the right to let other companies know how he reacts when he doesn’t get his way. Brian, you don’t control our screening process, we do. No one is playing games here just because they don’t RUSH to give you what you want exactly when you want it. WOW. I guess with that behavior Brian is the client & we are his lowly servants. Brian, we didn’t ask you for your phone number & even if we did, what has that got to do with asking you for your e-mail address? Brian, telling us how we should contact you & what steps we should take to hire someone is outside your responsibility. You do NOT own our company. While he didn’t tell us verbally how to run our company & run our screening process, based on what he said & how he reacted tells me he thinks he knows best. You see more arrogance when he tells me I could have just scrolled up LOL, scrolled up to see what? We asked you for your e-mail address. If you had given it to me before, I couldn’t see it at first glance & you should have told me (he never gave it to me). And then he has the nerve to tell us that he discounted his rate as if we should bow down to him? We didn’t ask for the rate to be discounted & even if we did, you DON’T treat management this way. Now we know why Brian is a freelancer & doesn’t hold a ongoing position with a company. All the best to you too Brian. Michelle

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