Brian Lester Review


Brian Lester’s scam is both simple and elegant. He approaches investors in California (where cannabis is legal) and offers to cultivate and manage cannabis crops (grows) in Northern California. He promises huge returns on investment, 4 or 5 crops per year and cash returns. Once the investors have turned over money to him, however, he is never seen again. My assumption is that the investments are turned into quick cash and hidden away from any creditors. He has scammed at least 2 people in southern California out of $220,000. | You can recognize him because he is covered with tattoos and has a giant eagle tattooed on his throat. He also claims to have had military experience, but this is highly doubtful.


Name: Brian Lester

Country: United States

State: California

City: Monterey Park

Address: 2380 Westcott Avenue



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