Brian poirier – Home Wrecking Housecleaning Manager Men


This mans employs young women to do house cleaning for a maid service, most of the women, and girls that work there are in relationships, he swindles his way into their pants, and Ruins their home life, starts off simple harmless some would say, but after he tells them they have to be on call and “their a55 is his” until 8pm makes them indebted to keep in contact, than after time he slowly flirts his way into the girls pants, and had done it to 5 known girls and don’t know how many countless others, his wife became aware of his cheating and left his a55, good job Brit.. this man is a shovinest pig, tales degrading pics of the girls, asks them for sexual pictures late at night, he tried with my wife but she told him to take a hike. Then he threatened to fire her.. shame on this pile of sh1t

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